Friday, February 24 2023

Media for Hire and a Second Round Presidential Poll

Flog me if the Nigerian media are not for hire, at least some of them are. Not a day goes by without a notable print or TV medium blasting a headline that is patently procured. How do I know they are bought? The signs are not tell-tale, they are shout it loud. Test No. 1: If there is a  ‘news worthy’ business or corporate article in a medium, check the others out. They will be sporting the same press release, with the same headline, intro and copy. Even with the same picture and caption.

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Monday, January 2 2023

They’re Wasting Our Lives Sowing the Whirlwind

Politicians like former Gov. Isa Yuguda whip up ethnic sentiments with their barefaced lies intended to engender ethnic pride but which spread hate speech like wildfire.  And Sokoto Gov. Aminu Tambuwal was sabre rattling at the aggrieved PDP G5 governors on supporting a rival presidential candidate. His principal, Abubakar Atiku ignores them because he weirdly calculates that he would win the presidential poll this way: sweep Katsina, Kaduna and Sokoto, pocket his north-east zone, wangle the required 25% of votes in 14 other states and do a last-minute Arewa deal with NNPP’s Rabiu Kwankwaso for Kano’s 5.4 million votes

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Friday, February 12 2021

Why APC Can't Enroll 100 Million Members

February 6, Senate President Ahmad Lawan rashly announced that his party, All Peoples' Congress, currently in the midst of refreshing it's membership rolls, will sign up 100 million members! Here's the simply arithmetic why that is a pipe dream.

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Friday, December 11 2020

Welcome to The Ginja View!

Briefs, snips, clips, analyses on everything Naija!

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Monday, February 18 2019

Dinosaur Public Servants Postponed Nigeria's Elections

A hatchet job to postpone the general elections or cause spontaneous violence required a patsy and  INEC fit the bill. And all Nigerians were left with a N2.7 trillion bill.

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Monday, February 11 2019

Donor Fright and a Governor’s Death Threat

This week, over 39 international NGOs providing disaster relief in Boko Haram afflicted Borno state will halt operations and send foreign and national staff home as a safety precaution ahead of presidential polls on February 16. Already, the UN agencies have closed shop in Borno since February 4 and will remain shut for three weeks. Will the donors come back to Borno after February 16?

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Saturday, December 29 2018

How $1b Annual in Vocational Education Can Produce 50m Technicians

Put $1b into vocational education rather than fuel subsidy and you can bet that Nigeria will produce millions of artisans and technicians, addressing the shortage of skilled labour and addressing youth unemployment currently at 55%. This is how it would work.

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Wednesday, October 31 2018

Become a writer, in 2 hours

Two weeks ago I conducted a writing workshop and made a slide presentation. It provides a “how-to” write a journalistic piece in four steps.

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Tuesday, May 1 2018

Why Nigeria’s Pop is 205.5m, not 198m

Seven million Nigerians were unaccounted for when the Population Commission spoke to an international audience, in New York.

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Friday, March 17 2017

Toxic Fanta and dead girls

Health Minister Prof. Isaac Folorunso Adewole</strong> yesterday empanelled a group of food industry experts to unearth the facts about the court declared toxic Fanta and Sprite. He had this to say:

“Nigerians need to know that we will put their safety first. The questions are: Is the Coca-Cola produced in Nigeria safe ? Is the acidity level acceptable ? What is the difference between Coca-Cola products available in Nigeria and the United Kingdom?

“Nigerians are justifiably angry as it concerns the recent verdict of a case involving an exporter . I have instructed NAFDAC to liaise with SON to address Nigerians immediately concerning the<span class="text_exposed_show"> safety of Coca-Cola products made locally.”

Will the probe amount to anything? Remember that the same health minister stopped by in Lagos last month at the height of the Queen's College mass food poisoning scandal. He held a meeting with the school principal, Dr Mrs Lami Amodu and that was the last heard from federal authorities on a blistering problem in a federal facility with close to 4,000 pupils entrusted to federal care by citizens. The Lagos state government had to rise up, shut the school and order an investgation.

Briefing media on the investigation report yesterday, Dr. Jide Idris, the state health commissioner, announced that 1,222 pupils fell ill in a 36-day period from January 11. Sixteen were hospitalised, three are still critical and two died. All this, while federal officers entrusted with the children's care were non-chalant and indeed derelicted their duty of public health safety.

The principal, the director of basic education, director of higher education, minister of education and minister of health should answer questions on the laxity in health and hygiene standards in a federal school that led to such an aweful, tragic turn of events. Beyond that, the principal should be prosecuted for culpable negligence leading to double manslaughter.

If you are a parent or a concerned citizen, stand up and write. Write to your representative or your senator and demand answers, it is your right. Write to the police and DSS to demand an open investigation and prosecuction of those culpable. It is your right. Write to the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights <a href="">(</a> and the UN Human Rights High Commissioner&nbsp;<a href="">(@UNHumanRights)</a> and ask them to sanction the federal government of Nigeria for poorly treating its citizens. It is your right. Write.