Nigerian elections, politicians and their power grab schemes

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Friday, February 24 2023

Media for Hire and a Second Round Presidential Poll

Flog me if the Nigerian media are not for hire, at least some of them are. Not a day goes by without a notable print or TV medium blasting a headline that is patently procured. How do I know they are bought? The signs are not tell-tale, they are shout it loud. Test No. 1: If there is a  ‘news worthy’ business or corporate article in a medium, check the others out. They will be sporting the same press release, with the same headline, intro and copy. Even with the same picture and caption.

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Monday, January 2 2023

They’re Wasting Our Lives Sowing the Whirlwind

Politicians like former Gov. Isa Yuguda whip up ethnic sentiments with their barefaced lies intended to engender ethnic pride but which spread hate speech like wildfire.  And Sokoto Gov. Aminu Tambuwal was sabre rattling at the aggrieved PDP G5 governors on supporting a rival presidential candidate. His principal, Abubakar Atiku ignores them because he weirdly calculates that he would win the presidential poll this way: sweep Katsina, Kaduna and Sokoto, pocket his north-east zone, wangle the required 25% of votes in 14 other states and do a last-minute Arewa deal with NNPP’s Rabiu Kwankwaso for Kano’s 5.4 million votes

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